Adrain Desaire

I was born on a farm in Graham County Kansas in 1937.

I was raised on several different farms in that area until I joined the US Army in 1955.

I spent three years in the Army then got discharged and went back to that area and farmed in the summer and worked on Oil Rigs as a Roughneck for the next three years.

During this time i married and fathered one daughter. In the spring of 62 I got a divorce and rejoined the Army. I served another three years and got discharged again.



This time I went to work again as a Roughneck and after three more years and another marriage I then joined the Air Force. I spent four years in the Air Force and fathered two Sons while in the AF.

When I got discharged from the Air Force, I got a job driving a truck, over the road hauling meat from Wichita, Kansas to California and the Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington areas. I did that for a couple years then went to work for a Freight Company out of Omaha Nebraska.

At that time I started writing poems and songs as a way of staying awake. I kept several of these and after retiring I put some of them to music as demo songs.

So far, in the last four years, I have written or co-written about eighty songs that I made into demo’s. I have had about a dozen of them cut by different Artists. None of them have made it to hit status but i am satisfied with the effort put out by the Artists who cut them and am really proud of the success I have had.


I am 80 years old and hope to have another 10 years ahead of me that I can keep writing in. My best hobby is singing karaoke, using the songs I have written as material.

I appreciate the reaction of the crowds when they realize I am singing my own material and use their response as a measure of how well the song will be accepted when it is cut and released by some Artist.

I don’t charge young artists, who have never had a recorded release before, anything up front, for my song and the music lease, people who have never had a recorded release before, and hope that helps them get a start.

I also give all Artists a six months window of protection on their release, before i give that song out to be cut by anyone else.

If I can be of assistance to any new artist, my email address is just give me a shout and we will see what we can work out for you.

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