Bernard Vanspall

Country United kingdom Bernard is a singer of traditional country music from the year 1972

He had a number 1 country hit on Reverbnation in 2010 and 2 gospel cds published,and was on Kilkenny TV,and radio stations in UK,Ireland,USA,Denmark,Australia,New zealand

His biggest audience was 20,000 sailors with the chief guest being the chief of the navy Admiral Dawson.

Had the playback cine singer sit next to him while singing for 3 hours,declined an offer to sing in pubs,only clubs and Ball room dancing.

Bernard’s idol in music is his Father, a great banjoist, his name Stanley Vanspall.

His greatest moment recording in Nashville, doing a duet with lovely beautiful country singer Donna Ray.

Aspirations –  his voice and songs to be heard length and breath of this earth.

“I must mention my wife Bernadene Vanspall who has this dream of becoming the voice of country,her patience,love,and understanding” says Bernard


Please vote for my song i’m so tired of it all (ain’t we) hope it hits big I leave it to Jesus and mother Mary, they brought me thus far they will help me finish the race.

A big thank you to Echota Records for the faith they have in me, to the staff, great folks, and to my dear Donna Ray who picked me up from obscurity and helping me on my journey in my search for country stardom,

God bless your kind heart Donna, never will I forget you

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