Chazz Wesley


Chazz Wesley was born in the small town of Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Here he was raised by his mother and step-father.

Chazz grew up very poor as his parents were unable to work.

He comes from a large family and remembers good family times at holidays and reunions, which his grandmother and grandfather kept together. With his grandmother’s passing, his grandfather continued with the reunions.

When his grandfather passed, the reunions ceased to exist. Chazz later had a son and thought he would settle into a family life, however the relationship was rocky and the mother left.


Chazz, being heartbroken, realized his interest in country music.

In the past he enjoyed rock and heavy metal music but, during this heart ache he realized the country music seem to be the life he was living and spoke to him. Chazz’s life became a roller coaster of events. He adopted the mindset of everything is about ‘me’ … he drank, drugged and cheated … he truly lived the country music life to the fullest.

Although he experienced many rocky patches, Chazz has always been a family man. He truly believes in the strong bonds of family .. his stepfather died in his arms when Chazz was only 18 years of age … Leaving Chazz to take care of his mother and help raise his two brothers and sister as well as his own children.


Along with country music, Chazz has worked many odd jobs over the years but the one stuck true, as a means of support, has been working on cars. He has been working on cars since he was thirteen and continues to do so to this day. Chazz married Tamara 15 years ago.

In to that union was born a daughter. Times were still rocky but he continued with his music. Chazz soon came to a point in his life where he realized he could not continue on the path he was presently on. It was at this time, Chazz decided to become sober, after two failed attempts in rehab, he chose to make this time work.

Chazz is now living a very sober life he’s learned to treat people with kindness and put others before himself. He is very grateful for everything he has and clings strongly to his Faith. Even with all the hell Tamara and Chazz have endured, Tamara continues to stand by her Man and Loves him more than ever … A TRUE LOVE STORY Chazz has written and sung many of his own songs as well as cover songs.


He has a wonderful voice and truly puts his heart into his music. He has sung on Broadway in Nashville and has opened for David Ball. He has a real talent and is believed to be in the foothills of success in the country music world. Chazz is a sucker for a great story and a great love song. He only sings songs that he has lived and feels in his heart … whether they be slow, sad songs or fast, fun songs.

Real songs have to be lived in some way or another. Chazz’s influences are Alan Jackson, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Tracy Lawrence, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, Aaron Tippin, Toby Keith, Keith Whitley, Johnny Paycheck, Johnny Cash, Clay Walker, Conway Twitty as well as many others.


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