Clayton McBroom

Clayton McBroom a native from Sibley Louisiana, Our New Rising Star.

I got my first guitar from my papaw when I was 10.

I had watched him play and sing my entire young life and I wanted so bad to learn myself. I learned my very first song Amazing Grace.

And I’ve played in swing/jazz bands in high school, I played the trombone, the drums, some piano, bass guitar-(not my best) I just like to play them all.


At that time I was excited to continue my journey with Country Music, and I had a passion for it like nothing else.

Since then I started singing at Karaoke Parties, Back Yard Functions, Sitting around an open fire lol. At Christmas we would all get together and I would take out my guitar and start to sing, I have met alot of awesome people. I love George Jones Music.

Keith Whitley was one of my all time favorites. And a few newer artists like Brantley Gilbert, and Chris Young. Brantley Gilbert was probably one of my biggest influences I love to sing his style of music.

A few months ago I was in a Karaoke Contest at a place called Camp Joy Marina in Haughton Louisiana and I Won First Place contestant in a Singing Contest.

One of the Judges name was Rose Coderre she asked me my name and a few more questions and said she had a sister who was on a record label called Echota Records and she was going to call her and tell her all about me, I was very excited and also to find out we had one thing in common My Papaw,

He was my mentor through this Journey, I didn’t know they knew one another at one time, I guess Papaw was looking out for me from up above. Not long after the contest Ed Gowens and Donna Ray of Echota Records heard a song I was singing on a video of me sitting and playing my guitar and he said he would like to help me get started, My Hometown Newspaper the Minden Press Herald got word I was in this Record Label and wrote a fantastic article about me.

Today I am in the process of Recording my very first song Written by Steve Owen and John Cole called “ME AND MY MEMORY CAN’T FORGET’ I’m part of a wonderful group here with Echota Records USA. Just super excited to see where things go from here.I’d like Thank my Wife & my beautiful Daughters for standing by my side.


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