Colin Dexter


Colin Dexter is a 19 year old Elvis Tribute Artist who lives in Jackson, Michigan.

He enjoys singing in care homes, for birthday and anniversary parties, special events, large festivals and county fairs.

Over the last five years Colin has performed and competed in the US and Canada.

Paying tribute to the King of Rock and Roll has been a passion for Colin that has also led him to paying tribute to other great entertainers such as Conway Twitty, George Jones, and Hank Williams Sr.

Colin enjoys the styles and sounds of the early days of rock and roll and country music.

He has been told by his fans that he must have an “old soul”. Whether that is the case or not what Colin does know is he enjoys performing and enjoys the smiles he brings to peoples faces.

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7 thoughts on “Colin Dexter

  1. I’ve followed Colin for a couple years now and he is one of the most amazing young men I know. You wont be disappointed

  2. I have been to four of Colin’s performances, with another coming up, he is such a showman, he give 110% present, he voice is effortless and just beautiful, you can tell he has applied himself for many hours and dedicated his young life to the King of Rock N Roll. If you ever get a chance to go see him, do go, you will be glad you did.

  3. You say Colin enjoys performing at festivals, carnivals, Care Centers, and nursing homes and private parties. That is because Colin Dexter is not out for the almighty dollar with the name of Elvis he is out there to entertain people who are not able to get out and see the shows and contests he is one in a million he’s our Colin Dexter number one

  4. Like to say this is one of the finest Young Man I’ve ever seen he goes to nursing homes all over the place to perform to the elderly they love him he is so full of energy he works to provide for himself has been in America got talent stunning performance The Joy he brings our elderly one in a million

    Very proud to have him on our label and honored to be his friend
    Necay Howard

  5. Colin is as sweet as they come and a very talented young man and has great sense of humor and can be quite the goof ball, his hard work and dedication to Elvis is why we love him so!

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