Emilie Andersen

Emily was born and raised in a small town, Skørping in Northern Jutland, Denmark.

“As long as I can remember, I have always been singing and loving music. When I was 10, I learned to play the guitar, and had the first gigs on the road with a full band when I was 12 years old Through the years I have been playing and singing in different bands, doing several recordings, backing vocals and so forth for other artists as well.” says Emily

All this time, her love for country music grew. As a result of that, she was part of starting up one of Denmark’s first country bands , and they toured amongst others in Norway and Ireland and saw every corner of Denmark.

5 years ago she pulled the plug to “Emilie Band” had a break and time to connect with her hopes and dreams for her future.


Through all these years as a singer, her desire had always been, to make an album to call her own, with new songs, that she can relate to and share from her heart. So how did this amazing project come about.? “I found some beautiful songs and needed a studio to record it.” she says

DJ Bjarne C Hesselbjerggaard suggested the “Worm” studio in Hjørring Denmark , and the recordings took place in a tranquil green scenario, with cornfields and horses.

She is incredibly thankful for the wonderful journey they had together, and the professionalism and good spirit has earned her deepest appreciation and respect!

Making this cd has brought her through an emotional rollercoaster looking back at her life with joys and sorrows.

Emily says “Every song is very dear to my heart and though I might not be the writer of the words, I feel like they were all made just for me”.

An example of this could be “Dear Brother” written by Kevin Flemming. This song is a tribute to her 2 brothers who died of cancer at the age of 35 and 42.


“Two dimes” states how money might be necessary to survive, but of no great importance when compared to things that really matters in life such as love. I hope you will enjoy taking this journey with me – this is my dream come true.” Emily says

“The Cd Walk With Me became a bigger success than I ever imagined. Still played World Wide. Since this cd I have recorded several songs for songwriters as : Emma’s Song written by Gerald Timmerman; Lord It’s time written by Betty Hodge & John Cole; Loving Never Dies written by Mick Wood, and not to forget the beautiful duet, My Elusive Dreams, a duet with my dear friend Kelly Lewis Oklahoma.”



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  1. Excellent stuff Em, and love the shots too, always nice to do bits for the press, good on ya Em, nice job Xxx

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