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Born on a sheep and dairy farm in North Taranaki and raised in the country until Gail went to High School .

She had very talented musical parents and a school teacher who encouraged her from a very early age to sing .

Her first solo performance was at the age of 11 singing San Antonio Rose at a school concert .

At High School she took voice and music lessons and originally wanted to study Opera .

Gail continued with voice training and sang light Opera while at Teachers College but marriage and children came along so she did not continue with singing until her early thirties when the children were growing up and she wanted to do something for herself .


Gail joined a country music club and learned guitar and soon found herself in a dance band and sang at dances all around Taranaki .

She moved to Wellington in the 1991 and worked with more dance bands singing not only country but all sorts [mainly Abba ] . “I started competing in Country Music Awards and had success taking out a couple of Over All placings and other award placings as well.” says Gail.

In 2002 she started songwriting and entered a few original song writing awards and to her surprise her songwriting efforts were being recognised with placings .

2006 she released her first album and has completed six albums to date .

Gail has done duets with Male artists from Ireland , USA and NZ artists as well.



This photo was taken after winning an Overall Country Music Award

“In the past my songs have featured very well on country music charts and I have had the pleasure of recording great songs by Ed Gowens , John Cole , Glenn Erickson and other well known songwriters not only here in NZ but in Nashville as well.” says Gail 

Gail also says “I have been extremely fortunate with getting a lot of radio airplay around the globe and have made some wonderful friends through my love of singing and writing country music .”

At the moment , Gail says she is working on a gospel cd which she hopes to have out by the end of the year .

Gail’s music can be purchased on

You can listen to some of her songs on her youtube channel Under Lesley Gail Russell





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Beautiful Lady by Gail Russell

‘Beautiful lady’ ,has a wide range of songs,ranging from ‘slow waltzes’ to ‘duets’ to up beat jive numbers.

This is a very versatile cd from Gail with tracks to suit every taste .

She has a beautiful rendition of When I Dream.



To contact Gail please email her at

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