Hubert Whitehead Jr.


Hubert Whitehead Jr is 45 years old Born in Wise Virginia and currently living in Burnsville NC Married to Lesley Whitehead.

He loves country music and has been singing since he was small.

He just started singing on a more serious level 6 years ago.

Hubert has 2 cover Albums and 2 original songs that he has recently recorded.

“This has always been a dream of mine and I’m looking forward to doing this for many years to come! Thanks To all my fans who support my music!” says Hubert

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2 thoughts on “Hubert Whitehead Jr.

  1. I am a fan of Hubert Whitehead Jr.! He is one of the most amazing young artist I have heard in today’s country music, Hubert actually sings real country sing! Back to our roots of COUNTRY.. Thank you Hubert!

  2. Hubert is an awesome artist that puts his heart and soul in his music..
    I love the country music that he sings..
    keep up the great music and awesome voice Hubert Whitehead Jr.

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