Jack Lee Scott

Jackie Lee Scott was born on December.24th of 1953 in Charleston, W.V. The only child of George and Freda Scott.

My introduction to music began at 8yrs old, A neighbor would play records on her front porch. Hank Williams, Pasty Cline, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley have been some of my biggest influences.

At the age of 16, I played in my first band “The Northern Lights”. This led to many more bands thru my lifetime, somewhere along the way I began writing songs. Some I would keep for myself and other I would just throw away.

Both of my parents have since passed away. I myself have been married to the same wonderful lady for the last 42 years, We have 4 Spectacular Children and 7 wonderful grandchildren.





As of April, 2018 I am proud to say I am one of the Staff SongWriters at Echota Records USA.

And already one of my songs “I’ve Gone To Memphis” has been recorded by Echota Recording Artist, Colin Dexter.

I am currently in contact with another Echota Artist interested in one of my other songs.

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4 thoughts on “Jack Lee Scott

  1. You go baby!! I wish you all the luck and love in this world!! You and your family has a special place in my heart and I am so proud to say “We are Family”. Good luck!!

  2. Congratulations Brother!!! You are the Man!!! I love you buddy , best of luck to you!! I’m very proud and Honored to know you, but most of all that you are my Brother!! Go get’em !!!

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