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My name is John {J. D.} Cole. I was born in the mountains of western North a little town named Marion. Raised on Mountain, Bluegrass and REAL country music. Mountain music and Bluegrass were close to the same but just a little different. Parents moved the family to Indianapolis, Indiana when I was 8 and 1/2. It was there I wrote my first song at age 10. When I was 18 that song was my first recorded.


My later life led me to Nashville where I worked with National Life and Accident Insurance Company, the company that owned Opryland, WSM radio and Television and The Grand Ole Opry. A friend of mine that used to demo my songs in Indiana moved there as well and started to work with Starday Records.

He introduced me to Joe “Red” Hayes {the writer of ‘Satisfied Mind’} and he at that time was running the publishing company of Starday records. He asked me to be part of Straday Publishing. He and I co-wrote a few songs before his passing.


While there Red Sovine recorded a song of mine called “I’m Just Lucky, I Guess” in his Giddy-Up Go LP. It did great, however, Gene Stuart of Ireland picked it up in 1973 when he was with “The Mighty Avons” and it became a big hit in Ireland. Since then it has been recorded and re-recorded many times over. It has been recorded by Daniel O’Donnell, Phil Mack, Declan Nerney and many other Irish country singers. Lisa Barrett of New York is the first female to record it and just recently Mary K. Burke of Scotland did. Country music is doing great in Ireland I have been blessed by having songs cut by many of those artists. Truthfully, I am thankful that so many artists all over the world has recorded the songs that come to me. Yes, I say come to me in my mind. Songwriting is a gift, a God-given gift. I don’t write’em, I just write’em down. It’s been that way since age 10.

I have retired and now live in Vero Beach, Fl. with my wife Charlotte, she is so great. I am still write’em down and love every minute of it. Looking forward to working with all of the artists with Echota records. Am mighty proud of Ed and all he has accomplished along with his team. May God bless everyone with their gift, be it singing or writing , J. D.


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  1. JD, your amazing, and I am so blessed to have met you and Charlotte, and to have recorded one of your songs. You have become a forever friend, and I am so proud of you!

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