Kenneth Booth


Kenneth Booth embarked on his musical voyage of discovery as a young Musician, growing up listening to a variety of musicians and genres that have played an influential role in shaping his signature sound.

KBCountry seeks to offer something different and unique to his fans by creating and sharing original music that he is proud to call his own.

Kenneth Started playing the guitar at his grandmother’s knee, at a very young age he was introduced to all the greatest country stars at the time.

His grandmother was a big influence in his life as she taught him to play and sing.

He went on through middle and high school to sing in the choir and play in the high school band.


His love of music has never been stronger as he has produced 2 albums and is now currently working on his third.

Kenneth leads a life strong in music and passion for music. He is mentoring young adults and showing them with hard work music will sing from the soul and shine.

Kenneth currently lives in New Caney, Texas a little town just outside of Houston, Texas.

He has been writing and producing music for over 20 years and even writing for PTSD Awareness.

He is a retired EMT/paramedic and firefighter, and has now moved to writing and singing full time.



On the weekends you can catch him out at Roger Mann’s Jamboree where a few of the local and not so local country singers come and gather to just play and sing music.


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