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Although he is just taking his first real steps into the world of country music, at 62 years old, Kenneth Mason is no rookie.

Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, this city boy has been country at heart his whole life, having spent a great deal of his early years in Kentucky where most of his family lives.

From birth he was hearing the sounds of country music streaming through the radio.

Kenneth got his start singing in his grade school glee club and picked up his first guitar around the age of 8 or 9.

By watching others and being helped along by family, he mostly taught himself to play by ear.

At the age of 18 he began to perform and play bass guitar with a local gospel group.

Though in his early 20s he settled down into the family life, Kenneth never left his love for country music behind.


He has kept up his love for singing and playing music throughout the years by performing covers at local bars, hosting karaoke nights, and always taking any chance he could to get up on stage at church or elsewhere.

Kenneth is not only talented in performing music, but writing it as well.

In fact, he wrote his single “I Don’t Blame You”, which will be the first of his career as an Echota Recording Artist.

Citing Roy Clark as one of his personal influences, you might also compare his style to the likes of George Jones and Merle Haggard.

Though he admittedly never imagined that at this point in his life he would be making music for country radio, he is more than grateful to be able to share his love for singing and performing with the world. Follow on: Facebook

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6 thoughts on “Kenneth Mason

  1. Kenneth Mason is a very talented and kind man. He is very versatile and can do various types of music.
    When I first spoke with him he said he was to old to record song’s
    Music comes from the heart and definitely shows in his voice.


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