Mark Beard

Echota Records USA Artist Mark Beard’s Story.

Mark was born and raised in the rural part of our nation’s capitol “Washington, DC” and now resides in Hartford Kentucky with his beautiful wife Judy.

Mark grew up listening to a wide cross-section of music which included Gospel, R&B,Traditional Country and yes even the great WWVA Radio Station as well as the Grand Ole Opry.

It is significant to note that Mark is a charismatic singer with a soulfully sincere delivery which makes him one of the industries most exciting new Country stars. At the early age of eight, Mark began his musical career with the influence of his cousins Ira & Elliott Ingber and has written or co-written over 500 songs to date, some of which he attributes to Roy Ownbey his Co-Writer .

The most difficult song to sing was the song Mark wrote and dedicated to his parents (Doris & Samuel) that is also on his July 2002 CD debut; “My Home Was My Training Ground for Life”.

Along with God, Mark’s attributes the success for the release of his CD to his friend and Studio Sound Tech “Johnnie Mills”; his Songwriting Teacher ”Ray Sanders” (Ray Price’s Band Leader); Guitar Teachers “Rob Izzi &Tony Bonanno”; Voice Teachers “Jenny Wells & Jean Carstens”, as well as his mentors who include (but are not limited to) Debrae (Crusader Records), Ernie Ashworth, George Hamilton IV, Bunnie Mills ,DONNA RAY(, ED GOWENS , Mike Hanlon and to his friend and Military Brother Steve Butts in Central Florida who pushed to make this BIO possible.

When you see Mark, ask him to show you his U.S. Army Special Forces “COIN” which was bestowed upon him for his dedication to Family, Friends, God and Country and yes for his GREAT Sounding Country Music too! also Mark served with honor in the US Army for 4 years 4/12 cav, 3rd armored Div and 2 years with 29th div national guard unit Mark is dedicated to all troops in the field and supports the Green Berets and Army Rangers has never lost his passion for serving his country or honoring his fellow service members.


He also performs with fellow USMC Vietnam Veteran Wayne Miller Echota Records artist at the VA hospitals.

Mark sings backup vocals and sometimes lead vocals plays lead rhythm guitar and is a proud member of Echota Records USA Bless Praise Team with his wife Judy Beard( Vocals), Rebecca Dickson ( Praise Team Leader and keyboard lead vocals) , Jeremy Dickson ( rhythm guitar and Box ) From Hartford Baptist Church Hartford Kentucky.


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3 thoughts on “Mark Beard

  1. Great story!
    My husband I first met Mark in our Sunday school class many years ago in Maryland. Along with his love of the Lord, his wife Judy, and music, he also enjoyed pulling my hair in church. 😀
    But, on a more serious note, Mark is very talented and greatly missed by his Berwyn Baptist family.
    My husband, myself, and our children are honored to be a part of his family. ❤

  2. Mark Evan Beard’s musical talents & songwriters lyrics feed my soul with such amazingly heartfelt lyrics & musically as well. Mark & wife Judy & all who work alongside Mark are extremely talented & are also very gifted singer, songwriter’s & musicians as well. It’s a true honor & blessing each time I hear them play & sing. The BEAUTIFUL lyrics in the songs always touch our hearts with such a hugeness of inspiration, love, joy & it’s so much more. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS Mark Evan Beard on this blessed journey!!!🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  3. Great Page Brother Mark! I wish you the very best and God Bless! Keep on producing those great sounds and blessings for all your fans!

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