Mary L. Palermo

Mary L. Palermo resides in Orange, Texas which is just east of Galveston, off the Gulf Coast. My love for music began at a very early age.

When I was seven my parents bought me my first piano and I then began to take lessons. This continued with me also taking the clarinet for band, and years later the guitar.

Over the years I would listen to songs on the radio, often playing them by ear and adding my own lyrics.

I grew to love traditional country music by listening to great artists such as Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, and Hank Williams. Tracy Byrd and Mark Chesnutt are from southeast Texas, and I would often hear them playing locally So my love for music especially country

It was around ten years ago my husband Eddie was diagnosed with cancer. Due to circumstances I felt so alone and prayed out to God to get me through. God not only listened and answered my prayer, as Eddie is still here today, but I ended up a writer. First it was simple jingles, then poetry, and finally in the form of songs. It seemed like after that day, I had the ability to capture images and emotions and let them flow to paper.

For several years I wrote poetry and was encouraged by fellow poets to open my own poetry group on FaceBook. It is called the enchanted Poetry Book. I felt songwriting adds a further dimension to a poem. The vocals and instruments can further enhance what mere words say. I have written thousands of poems and hundreds of songs. Most are country in origin since I do live in the country. But I have often challenged myself and successfully written in other genres.

Most of my songs currently I use The Blue Studio run by Dana Jordan.I have co-written with others such as Scott Sharp songs like Please Sweet Jesus, and Empty Sheets. He has also performed songs of mine such as Blackbirds in A Willow Tree and Somewhere Deep Within My Heart that is on two of his last CDs he has put out. Also, I have co-written and had songs performed by Steve Owen such as Darn Tootin’ and Bell Bottom Days to name a few. Recently I have had songs like No More Me, performed by Dan Kelley, and Caradeen River sung by Tina Gibson, who is also an artist here at Echota Records. Most of my songs have placed on the top 35 charts and seem to be well-liked.

Like I said previously I write to share emotions to at times inspire. Life has its good times and bad. I have been through three major hurricanes in the last decade. I think a good songwriter should not be limited to only what they have experienced. This I know to be true with me for some reason. I have written songs such as Bluer Than Blue, Golden Band and Our Wedding Book, sung by Michael Lusk. These are traditional what I would term breakup songs. But I can write up-tempo country such as one of my songs called Moonshiners Hill.

No matter what I write, it will stand out and be different. Not another cookie cutter cardboard song. I was honored to find I had been nominated for the Nashville Universe Awards.

I invite any artist, and writers to contact me if they have a project in mind. I’m very easy to work with and can create any song to fit your needs.

I was honored to be invited to be a staff writer for Echota Records several months ago. Presently I’m working on a new song called There Once Was A Man.

I think this song will touch many hearts out there. May God Bless, and I look forward to meeting you in the future.

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