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My love for music started as a young girl listening to country music with my dad, and my uncle’s record collection he left for me while in Vietnam Nam.

I started playing the piano by ear when I was about 8 years old and I would play on our neighbor’s old upright piano; picking out tunes.

One of my first songs I learned was ” Green Green Grass of Home”.

I began to write poetry some in high school and short stories, but writing songs didn’t happen until years later.

I graduated from high school and went on to graduate from Louisiana Tech University in 1983.

I began my teaching career that year, got married in 1985, had my daughter in 1986, and our son in 1989.


My husband, at the time, was in the military and was away from home a lot of the time, so I began to write as a hobby.

I would hear melodies in my head, or just catch a phrase that would trigger a song. I have made trips to Nashville to have demos recorded and also recorded and performed some songs locally, but I was never able to get anything accomplished.

Feeling discouraged; I would try not to write anything, but the words kept coming. I do not claim to be a great writer by any means, but I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to have Echota Records bring some of my music to life!

I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband and family that supports my dreams!

2017 was a wonderful year musically! I was blessed to become a Staff Writer for Echota Records and have made connections with so many talented artists, writers, musicians, producers, DJ’s, and fans!

The multi-talented Lori Lynne recorded “Echoes Of Love” and had great reviews and AirPlay. Then we met in Nashville for the Josie Awards and did some recording with The Music Man, Steve Owen and the genius, Bob McGilpin for a fun filled day in his studio.

Lori Lynne has had air okay on the comical tune “Male For Sale” written by myself and Steve Owen and has hit number 1 in the UK and made the Hall Of Fame with her heart touching rendition of “How Could You” that I had just finished writing before our trip to The Josie’s in Nashville. Lori Lynne has included these songs in her awesome album, be INDIEpendent.


Steve Owen and I teamed up again to write a lively Bluegrass number called “Fire In The Past” and were thrilled to have the wonderful Deby Kelley to record and reach the top of the charts on SoundClick and other charts as well. Deby also recorded another song of mine called “Taking Chances”.

My most recently released recording is by a super talented Traditional Country girl, Tina Gibson. Bob McGilpin produced this pure country song called “Love Promises”. Tina did a fantastic job and is getting great reviews. Tina is planning to release an album this year with this song as well as a few others that I have written.
We are off to a good start in 2018! Three new grand babies and several new songs in the works! Exciting things are happening!

A special thank you to all of the staff at Echota Records and Donna Ray for believing in me and opening the door for these wonderful opportunities to connect with so many great people!

My advice to all of us; Never give up!

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  1. So awesome thanks for the encouragement it’s tempting to give up but with faith in God and with prayer He gives us super natural strength we didn’t even know we had ! Keep going forward

  2. Tonya Paulk Pardue

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    Wow! I didn’t realize you had done all of this. I hope you don’t forget your family when you get famous 😉 Proud of you!!

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