Becky Harges

I’m from Mississippi and raised in the country all my life. l have always loved Country Music, Growing up and listening to different artist on the Radio and TV. A few of my favorites were Conway Twitty, George Jones And Elvis Presley, I am one of their biggest fans and loved all of Elvis Presley’s music and movies.

When I joined on Social Media sites like Facebook, I became good friends with alot of Independent Artists and l listened to there music, I’m in a lot of groups on facebook were Independent Artist share music , My goal is to support our Independent Artists out there, They need to be heard.



I love all country music and love the artist we have today and I support them in all they do. Sharing their music gets it out to many that have not heard them.

All Independent Artist that have great music work very hard to get there songs out for the people to listen to and they all need to be heard. I hope to see them all succeed in everything they do for Country Music and any Style of music.

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