Donna Ray

Donna Ray’s stage appearance has the crowds clapping to the music they enjoy to hear, and that is Classic Country Music. Her performance has gifted her with the name the Sweetheart of the Louisiana Hayride.

Traveling the States with the Louisiana Hayride Road Show Donna Ray enjoys singing to the people, not only is she good at her stage appearance she is good at what she has accomplished in her career.

Echota Records calls her the Dynamic of Traditional Country Music a must see. Echota Records calls her the Dynamic Donna Ray

Donna Ray is a Singer/Songwriter herself. Taking a story an making a song out of it puts a real good aspect in what she loves to do.

There are many songs that she have written in the past, Songs such as Carrying Memories and Memories of Mamo Going To Carolina, The Gooduns Getting Better, that have already been heard on numerous stations. Read more about me here

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