Ed Gowens

I’m a songwriter/producer and owner of Echota Records USA and Recording Studio. I have written hundreds of songs since I wrote my first song in 1999. I have had several hundred songs recorded by various artists from around the world.

Some of my songs along with songs I co-wrote have been recorded by great artists like Charley Pride, Independent artists such as: Donna Ray, Charlie Byrd, Jojo Godwin, Bruce Blake, Colin Girvan, Lamar Hunter, T’onna & Bridgit Ray , Gail Russell, Loraine (Washburn) Gordon, Bruce Greaves, Sid Cox, Jose Daniels, Randolph Michaud, Lilian & Manon, Rick Woods, Robert Shell Horse, Richard Draime and Bob Harvey (founding member of Jefferson Airplane) to name a few plus many others.

I feel very fortunate and honored that these great artists wanted to record my simple songs. I also appreciate all of my friends in the music business of which I have many.

I thank God for whatever talent I may have in my humble writings.

Yours in Rhyme,

Ed Gowens

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