Jojo Godwin

I’m from a small town called Horwood,Nl…This has been my third single released….I started singing at a very young age, so young that I didn’t even know that I liked to sing, My mom would stand me beside a wall and have me sing songs while being entered in Beauty Pageant . I was maybe only 7 year old at the time of my first pageant that my mom entered me into, But I thank her today for that…My inspiration would be my Dad, He taught me how to play guitar, Dad would always have me sit and listen to Traditional Country Music like Jimmy Rogers and Wildwood Flower as well as Hank Williams Sr. I’m So lonesome I Could Cry… That’s where my love for country music came from. I thank my Mom and Dad today for everything they have done for me , they have been my biggest fans since day one. Today my dreams are unfolding and I am currently in the process of cutting my very first album. I was discovered by Ed Gowens of Echota Records USA, He had been listening to my first single called “Hell Yah” and enjoyed the song so much. On March 17th 2017 I became a Official Member of Echota Records USA and just recorded two new songs, Lifes’s Other Side written by Ed Gowens and one that I have wriiten myself called Letter To Heaven, Soon to be released any day now, I want to say a Special Thank You to the following people who have helped me through out my career, Citadel House Recording Studio, Echota Records Recording Studio,
Kimberly Wells Abbott, Shawn Wells, Ed Gowens, Tim Hicks, Donna Ray and Charles Leon Senior for being such an amazing friends through my next chapter. Also my loving husband and children.
I love you,

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