Mike Jones & Jerry J Howard

Mike Jones started writing lyrics just a few years ago when I retired. I guess I am just lucky to have a tough life that helped draw these lyrics from me.

While in high school I played guitar with a couple bands. But, never made it a career.
I met Jerry Howard in August 2014. He has been playing music form the age of 12.

We had a similar life and just came together with the same interest in music. J

erry spent his life playing country music. While in the Army, he played with several bands oversees.

We have over 600 songs between us and have written 500 song together.

We collaborate extensively when writing songs. It is rare that a song would be without some input from both of us.

In many instances, one of us will sketch an idea or a song fragment and take it to the other to finish or improve it. All our songs are available to be recorded by other artist.

We had 3 nominations for Josie Music Awards in 2017 and won the award for Traditional Country Song Of The Year and won Song Of The Year for The Way It Use To Be, a song we wrote for Donna Ray.

Our songs are rated in the top 10 in many countries. Just recently we were # 1 in France, # 10 in Germany and # 1 in Japan.
We continue to write new songs every day. Mostly traditional country. But we also write blues, bluegrass and southern rock. We have a large catalog of songs, but if needed we can write a song or assist in creating a song for an artist that is searching for new material.

Jerry Jake Howard was born in Battle Creek Michigan. He was influenced by classic rock-n-roll and country music.

He got his first guitar at the age of 14 and by the time he turned 15, he was writing songs.

He joined a small bluegrass band playing stand-up bass and then guitar. The band did a 30 minute TV show on Sunday afternoons.

In 1958 he joined the Army and began playing with country band with other soldiers in Germany, France, Korea, and Alaska

After he was discharged from the Army in 1966, he married and raised 5 children. He continued to write songs and tried breaking into the country music business in Nashville. But his family took preference over a singing career.

In 2014 he teamed up with Mike Jones and together they have written over 500 songs. Although traditional country is his favorite music to write, he says he really enjoys blues, and has written many blues songs.

2017 Josie Music Awards Nominee for “Songwriters Of The Year”
2017 Josie Music Awards Nomineee “Song Of The Year” The Way It Use To Be-Donna Ray
2017 Josie Music Award Nominee for “Song Of The Year” I’ll Love You More and More” -Shavonne

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