Salty D.O.G And The County

Salty D.O.G Formed from the heart and mind of Independent Recording Artist Andrew Saltz and founded in 2017, Andrew has created his band Salty D.O.G And The County (located in the Hickory/Charlotte area) and this musical act has quickly gone from a simple idea, to quickly becoming one of the areas most original and beloved indefinable movements on the East Coast.

A 7 piece powerhouse group with a sound that is both freshly unique yet timeless, Salty D.O.G And The County evoke Native American elements through Alternative Dance music that will take listeners on a journey through a myriad of musical styles.

Their performance services are presented in two concert formats (full-size band or duo). Along with the group’s diverse catalog, being ranked ReverbNation’s #1 R&B group for NC, and along with Andrew Saltz (Salty D.O.G) and his heartfelt writing, Andrew Saltz and his band The County are truly a band of musical change!

Among the best and most original bands to extract from North Carolina, their engaging and energetic performances, crowd involvement and participation, and professional experience across the stage of mixed ages are all of many assets singer & frontman Andrew Saltz exemplifies and improves on at every single show as he hits the dance floor to meet all fans and venues up close and personal!

From bars and lounges, weddings, proms, clubs, corporate events, and major festivals, Salty D.O.G And The County knows how to keep the crowd moving and the venues income advantageous. Who was Andrew Saltz before he was Salty D.O.G?

Andrew Saltz first fell in love with music at a very young age. From watching live T.V broadcasts of performers to performing himself, he has quickly become a rising well-known name.


He started performing in the year 2013 at a local church in his town.

After meeting another well-known performer, he joined a few bands and started touring with them while finishing a high school education.

Once off to college at Gaston Community and Appalachian State University, Andrew decided to start his own band.

Andrew recorded his first demo album with his uncle Steve Needham in 2014, and finally formed the band in 2017 fans truly love and admire today.

Andrew has finally released his first digital freshman album as of this year. Entitled “Chronicles of Cockaigne – Vol I: Marred By Midnight”.

Andrew and his band have developed a sound that is beloved and promoted by fans, radio stations, and magazines around the world as they currently tour the East Coast!

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