Terry & Rita Reid

Songwriters- Terry Lee Reid and Rita Reid

We have been a team since Dec 1966. Our writing style comes from personal life experiences and “downhome working man” lessons.

Terry was born and raised in Iowa…the son of an average family in hard times.

Rita was born and raised in Oregon to a farming family.

They met and married in Oregon and lived a average long life together, through many trials.

Their actual writing began as an individual effort for their own amusement before they married but the joint effort only began about 2009, when Terry asked Rita to rewrite one of his songs and make it flow.

Since then they have pooled their efforts on most of their songs, rewriting, and reworking some of the older efforts as well.

I have raised and breed and trained cutting horses for over 30 years. My family said put your memories into songs in 1999 so today I have written over 700 song lyrics, I don’t sing or play any instruments. Last year I asked for help on a song to get it recorded for my 44th anniversary and Clay Pierce in Derry, Ireland accepted and we co-wrote my first recorded song called ” Have You Ever Heard ” then Joe Navarth co-wrote one called ” Dancin’ With Crystal Rose ” then my friend Jeffrey Lambert did my next song he co-wrote with me called ” Cryin Inside ” a tribute to my daughter who died in 1981. The next 2 songs I penned was co-wrote with Deby Kelley the 1st one called ” Cowboy Chasin Hell Of A Time ” the 2nd one called ” Some Do The Cryin ” so I have more to get Demo’s on one at a time.

I have been married to the same lady for 52 years this Dec 3 2018. We have 3 sons 8 grand kids & 5 great grand kids we miss them all. I do genealogy also to pass the time

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